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Erie Insurance is a publicly held insurance company, offering auto, home, commercial, and life insurance through a network of independent insurance agents. As of 2019, Erie Insurance Group is ranked 381st among the largest public U.S. companies, in terms of revenue, by Fortune magazine. Its geographic footprint extends to 12 U.S. states and the District of Columbia, including Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, New York, North Carolina, Ohio Pennsylvania, Tennesse, Virginia, Wisconsin. It also owns the naming rights to the Erie Insurance Arena in downtown Erie, Pennsylvania.

Erie Insurance Group doesn't provide any security to its customers, they just played with their feelings and life. Erie Insurance company scams many people in different ways. They cheated many people by showing a less cost on their website and when they want to insure something that asks more money. Erie Insurance Group is one of the biggest scams in the history of Insurance Companies. Insurance is a means of protection from financial loss but in case of any emergency and mishap they even not reply to their customers. Many people became victim of this fraudulent scheme. People join Insurance Groups to maintain a backup which able to help them financially in case of an accident. There are many recent official worst and negative reviews from their verified customers some of them are given below.

One of the customers said he got a quote online for $185.58 and asked to call the local agent to sign up when he called he was asked to pay $255 that is more than %40 so he called the customer service and informed them he provides all the information correctly and accurately. when he applied online, he was told no one forcing me to get Erie insurance, totally unprofessional and misleading the customer.

Another Innocent Prey said "We recently took one out of three cars off our auto policy. We always pay the full premium for a full year in advance, to avoid extra fees. They owed us a refund for one car for 9 months remaining that was prepaid. We paid $1356 for full-year for 3 cars, and only refunded $149, even though they sent an amendment that showed $248 would be the refund. They are making every excuse to try to justify the very small refund of $149. It’s so transparent how greedy and unethical they are because they don’t want to give up $$ once it’s already in their pocket. We’ve used them for over 9 years now and we thought Erie insurance was better than that. Now, we don’t trust them ever again. Will likely NOT renew".

one of the lastest reviews from their customer during this Pandemic of Corona(COVID-19). He wrote "One of your insured ran a stop sign and T-boned me on 9/24/19. I had medical treatment until December 21, 2019. Why won't you answer any of my calls about a settlement? I have called numerous times, even emailed due to the COVID 19 situation. It's Now May 4th, and not only will you not return any of my inquiries, but you have also failed to send me anything. I have submitted all records to you as soon as you requested them. I have been told that I would receive something in January, then February.... And nothing arrived. That is also when you refused to answer any of my calls"


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Current Employee - Claims Facilitator says

"Nepotistic promotions: the people who get promoted seem to be related to someone higher up. Promotions don't go to top performers, but rather relatives and yes men. Creative thinking is not promoted, you have a job and you are expected to do it their way. Pay is terrible. Unless you are in middle to upper management, raises are poor. Corporate America at it's finest. The company doesn't pay as much as other companies because they offer more benefits, but most of the benefits are pointless to most of the people and there is no option for waiving those benefits. Claims adjusters have a very high demand on work load, with minimal support or understanding from supervisors. Very poor work/life balance. As an average worker it feels like the company finds you replaceable and therefore isn't concerned with the needs of the common employee."

Former Employee - Property Adjuster I says

"no training, triple the amount of work they stated, and got fired for wearing shorts"

Former Employee - Vice President says

"Nepotism, they are really just looking for folks to execute what they want to do, present new ideas at your peril."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Weak pay, raises are minimal and do not reflect job performance, no overtime, inept management, nepotism, difficult to advance within the company"

Former Employee - Finance says

"Management has lost its most important concept-the the company was once a family. Now it is just a business and the tenured employees are being pushed out."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Management, nepotism, little room for advancement"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Management is not inclusive, collaborative, or transparent."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Lots of claims. Computer duplication."

Former Employee - Claims Representative says

"Management is terrible the company needs to seriously need to reconsider hiring practices good luck getting a promotion or even a lateral move. This company has sub par hiring practices. I'm not sure these"

Current Employee - Claims says

"Incredibly unrealistic work load. Company has grown its agencies exponentially, but fails to hire the field staff to support the claim load. They ask you to work overtime, but make it difficult to get it approved. Management is inconsistent w/ its style and varies from branch to branch. This creates a disparity when employees compare jobs from state to state. Promotions are based on who likes you and not your capabilities. The typical management-middle personnel do not have a college degree, yet they are running business units. This creates a hap hazard management style. Managers tend to just react and are not proactive to the needs and issues in the department. Used to be a great place to work, now tenured highly rate people leave for "stress disability'"! I had never heard of that until I worked at Erie. Stay away from "ANY" claims job at Erie."

Property and Casualty Insurance Agent (Former Employee) says

"Erie home office is great! My experience was with a successful agency owner who oversaw and participated in toxic a workplace atmosphere, which condoned the mistreatment of others."

Receptionist (Former Employee) says

"I would not recommend this place to anyone. Very poor working environment. They give you poor understanding of your job description. If you have an opinion they don't take it at all."

Inside Claims Representative (Former Employee) says

"Managers are superficial, plays favorites, treats people mean. They constantly push you then reprimand you when you miss a detail from pushing for completing more calls."

Material Damage Adjuster II (Former Employee) says

"I had previously worked for Geico and truly did not realize what a wonderful job I had at Geico until I resigned there and came to ERIE. The training of the new ECC claims system was a disaster! GEICO would have spent a full week which they actually did on the rollout of their new system. The work load was extreme as employees were resigning and the company was very slow to replace them. No one seemed to care!Great Co-workersTrrrible management"

Senior Project Manager - PMO Advisor (Former Employee) says

"This is the worst organization to work for. The Nepotism is the primary managing doctrine. Mid Level Management and Supervisor Level do not recognize employee expertise. If you are not in "Their Clique" you get assigned all the worst assignments.NoneEvery"

Help Desk Technician (Former Employee) says

"This job is great if you live in erie. You must fit in with their "in crowd." I worked there for almost a year under contract."

Claims Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Erie Insurance would have been a great place to work had it not been for the supervisor on 3rd shift. Absoulutely the worst person to put in charge of others. She wouldn't train you and you were left to your own devices. Beware of 3rd shift jobs there!talking to customers3rd shift"

Bilingual Customer Service Representative (Current Employee) says

"I have never been in a job where they punish you to go to thr bathroom. In other jobs they expect for you to start working at your designated time, not early or not late, on time. At Erie Insurance you have to be there at least 10 minutes in order to have your computer programs running but you mever get paid for that tine at all. When they're system errors, like your phone didn't go off (call center) it is your fault and it counts agains you. They give you some type of paid for sick leave but also if you use it you will get punished, whixh if at the end, if you are sick more than 5 days in a half then uou get a verbal warning, which means you get can't go up position and then you don't get a raise's a jobyou can't go to the bathroom, or get sick, or god forbids if have a child sick because they will count that time against yyou"

Claims Adjuster (Former Employee) says

"Management let’s people go and refuses to bring in temps or any type of help with existing inventories. Expected to work overtime but can’t get authorization to be paid for overtime. Management has unrealistic expectations and no matter what you do the head manager makes the working environment hostile"

Insurance Adjuster (Current Employee) says

"You have to work all the time. Managers don't care how many hours you work they just want the job done. You don't get paid any overtime! All you do is work and when you ask for help the managers get upset with you. You get the work of 3 people put on 1 person. If you like to work all the time and not get paid for it then this is the job for you. If you like to see your family, then don't work for this employer."

Receptionist (Former Employee) says

"The management wasn't very helpful, the most enjoyable part of my job was learning new stuff. The hardest part was studying and taking the Insurance tests for the state.not there anymoremiss my 2 friends"

Claims (Former Employee) says

"It was an extremely stressful position. You are expected to be yelled at by the customer, which happened frequently. The supervisor was involved in an inappropriate relationship with one of their team members. Very much back stabbing. Most employees did not do their jobs based on lack of support from management. Beware. Much gossip and infighting. Not typical of a Fortune 500 company at all."

Commercial Processing Specialist III (Former Employee) says

"I worked here for 16 years, the last 5 years was a never ending cycle of lies, sabotage & retaliation from my supervisor. Upper management is a joke, I was never able to express the way I was being treated because I was immediately told I was the one in the wrong. Human Resources & Employee Relations automatically back up supervisors regardless of what I was being put through every single day. It was extremely shocking to me that a company of this stature allowed this happen to one of their employees & not honoring their own Code of Conduct. After dealing with this for so many years it really took a tole on me & I chose to quit. It is still upsetting that this supervisor got away with everything & I was the one that had to walk away to save the last bit of sanity I had left after years & years of bullying.Met so many wonderful peopleBullying, poor raises"

Commercial General Liability Claim Specialist (Current Employee) says

"There is a discernible favoritism from management towards some employees. Outside hires are often not treated with the same inclusion as those who move from within the organization.Great benefitsPoor treatment from management"

Adjuster (Former Employee) says

"The claims environment is ultra stressful, a lot of micro management. No one is happy with their job. Nepotism runs rampant --- they tell you they want to hire family. Management is secretive and closed minded. decent benefit package, cafeteria on premisesee review"

Inside Claims Facilitator (Former Employee) says

"The company itself is very stable. They don’t lay the employees off. However, moving around the company is nearly impossible with the exception of a very, very select few. To get a promotion you need to be related to some one of influence in the company or something like that. Hard work only gets you so far. The leadership of the company is like a boys club. It is mainly white men with a couple women in the mix and no minority leaders. As for the claims department, training is basically non-existent. It’s a learn as you go atmosphere."

Claims Processor (Former Employee) says

"The people i worked with were great management was petty and favortism everywhere u cant get a promotion if u have an opinion HR will stand by management no matter how wrong or illegal their behavior is Could b a great company if they cleaned up the managementCoworkersManagement"

Claims/Administrative (Former Employee) says

"The work and tasks are interesting with the potential for high achievement of goals if management were more supportive. Most of thier management style is hands off mentoring and mostly directive with little room for ideas and balance not much overtime was requiredCompany not really interested in contributors only followers of directives"

Adjuster (Former Employee) says

"Corporate rhetoric and training stresses 'Above All in sERvIcE' but that ethic has been lost over the last few years. A great company with great pay & benefits, but expectations are somewhat confusing."

Material Damage AdjusterSupervisor (Current Employee) says

"Work life balane is terrible even though it’s promoted as important. Branch manger rarely promotes from within. Current management team is below average at best.BenefitsManagement is subpar"

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